Conversation. Conversation.

Conversation. Conversation. There is a lack of genuine conversation around the emerging topics, political or otherwise. It’s worrying – but not so much ‘worrying’ that we can’t rise to the challenge, but rather that we are afraid to speak out. The ‘mob’ is leering at the psyche of america, waiting to judge and ridicule the mere suggestion of an opinion, a belief – or even a fact.

We need to be able to communicate in some way where we aren’t at our throats – that every remark is seen as some attack or personal strife. The sense-making apparatus of our global community is faltering. We can’t make out what is real, and what is not real, and what is right, and what is not right. We are in a time where freedom of speech is at it’s most volatile, yet it is the very exact thing we need the most. Stating a fact is seen as ‘hostile’, and ultimately responded with shame and guilt-tactics. Some how saying the truth is seen as a form of ‘privilege’. We need to be able to differentiate the fact of a certain set of data, and the emotional entanglement of an individual. They are two completely separate ball parks. Facts don’t do anything for the malevolence someone has been through. Let’s be intellectually honest, but at the same time be able to recognize and empathize that which someone has been through. Be a friend first, an intellectual fact-checker second. Be the person that saves the soul. It starts with you, and the hand you offer.

We all want the same thing. The problem is that we are spread across the spectrum in separate groups with a diverse set of communication trees and sub-culture identities. If we all succumb to tribalism now – society, science, everything will be brought to a screeching hault. You as an individual are interlaced in society in many facets. You are not alone. You are not just your group. You are so much more important.

I want to challenge everyone to be a part of the movement for change. To recognize when a friend is needed, or when the truth is needed. To recognize that sometimes its better to just give praise and be agreeable, or that sometimes its better to disagree – and find a common ground of understanding. Be a champion of discourse.

The narrative of the media is draining in every aspect. It’s impending and absolutely toxic. Our leaders are cowardly and lack a spine. Our celebrities succumb to the order and will of others; on a whim. Our leaders are not willing to stand up for whats right. The only person that thinks he’s right, is an authoritarian, incoherent clown. We find ourselves in a very unique situation. So I challenge you, the individual, to make a difference. It starts with all of us participating in the revolution of honest discourse, and intellectual symmetry. It starts with a conversation.