Google Sheets – Asset Management

Do you need an asset manager? Are you a small/medium organization? Then I have the perfect application for you! It’s called Google Sheets.

Get yours here:

Asset Management

Seriously, though, if you have any questions – reach out to me.

My sheet covers Asset Management, Repair Logging, Systems and Network logging, and a user dashboard to see which devices a user has assigned to them at any moment and their repair log history. You know, just in case you need to bill them…


Are you a fan of Putty? What about SuperPutty? Well, this program that I’m about to tell you about, compiles the best of SuperPutty GUI, SecureCRT functionality for FREE!

That’s right, you get SSHv1 & 2, Telnet, VNC, RDP, and many other common terminal protocols all in one program. But lets talk about the best part. mRemoteNG offers tab view – you can have SSH tabs and RDP tabs open in a single program (mRemoteNG) at the same time!

It’s pretty amazing. Lets give these developers some love, download and use their program, donate and spread the word!

Forest – Habit app

Forest Productivity App

Looking to “Gamify” your study habits? Or maybe you just want to feel artifically good about yourself while putting in the hours to study? I did, which is why I stumbled upon “Forest”, which is a study/habit building application.

Each time I study, I start a timer, 15, 25, or whatever I want. 15 minutes will get you a bush while 25 minutes will land you a tree. Cut your time short? You’re virtually killing your tree. Don’t be that guy/gal.

Objective Study Partner

Look, there are many areas of life where having a partner is the best, and the worst. When studying, with two people setting common objectives and targets, makes for a successful partnership.

Just like this blog, it’s a place for us to dump projects, resources, and roadblocks that we identified throughout our journey. Luckily, we have different paths but a similar journey.

Daniel called me one day and asked me if I’d be interested in setting real objective goals. Well… I’m an MBA (humble brag), aspiring Network guru and I know Daniel is amazing at what he does, but he’s gonna have to write about that… With all of this said, what could I lose? It’s obviously in my blood to set goals and achieve them.

Daniel and I both have CCNA’s – to date. So, we set our first goal. In two weeks we will jump on a conference call (day 2 of my first real vacation!) to cover EIGRP and OSPF at the NP level. This means that we will both study independently, come together on a call and share what we both learned. Sounds a lot like your moms book club doesn’t it? Cringy…

But it works.

Get the emotions out of your head so that you can maintain peak clarity! This is a long road to travel (we’re coming for you ‘Pan-American Highway’), so find a reliable partner, fuel up and start rolling.

Cloud My Lab – 5.19.2019

Okay, I have to say, I’m really enjoying “Cloud my Lab”. They finally got my instance (Pod) up and running about 72 hours after my payment processed.

To get into the server, all I had to do was RDP in using my Windows RDP client and the provided IP and user credentials. Once I was in, I had all of the images pre-loaded and GNS3 configured for my first project.

For $30, I have to say, it’s totally worth it! Sure, it’s a convenience fee, but their technical staff stand ready to help with any trouble that I have.

In addition, I don’t have to worry about finding the best ios files and go through the hassle of uploading them. Also, this environment can be operated from a Chromebook RDP window app… that’s pretty convenient! I’ll create more posts later as I build out my lab environments and test additional features.


I found out today that my instance, “Pod”, only has 4GB of RAM while my subscription is currently set to “Tiny” which supports 8GB of RAM… I decided to upgrade to a “Small” instance because I noticed a little lag when I launched my text editor “”, after doing so, I checked the CPU and RAM from the system properties and noticed that I was not getting the level of service that I paid for during my original subscription period. I’ve contacted their support and they are working diligently to resolve my issue.

I’m very excited to have the full 8vCPU’s and 16GB of RAM! I may even use this system for remote testing VPNs and ICMP from outside of my network.

Edit #2: This is what matters…

I was completely wrong about the configuration and setup over there at Cloud My Lab. After discovering that my host machine only had 4GB of RAM allocated, I contacted support to get it fixed. With the $30/mnth “Tiny” package, you should be getting 8GB RAM. Each time I started a text editor or web browwser, the CPU and RAM would spike! So I was a little frustrated.

After communicating with support, they explained that the GNS3 hosted instance gets the 8GB RAM remotely and that the Windows Host that you RDP into only gets the 4GB… This made a lot of sense once it was explained. It certainly explained the reason for the Windows Host maxing resources while the GNS3 Host continued to respond perfectly fine.

5.13.2018 – SuperPuTTY

I have to say, SuperPuTTY is amazing. I wish I could justify the purchase of SecureCRT, but for now, SuperPuTTY is the winner.

Before you head over to the SuperPuTTY distro on GitHub, you will need to make sure that you have Putty downloaded to your computer. I like using Windows as my primary workstation, but I may change it to a Mac Book Pro within the next year. You know, it’s the whole debate between – should I put a down payment on a house or buy a Mac… Tough decision. I think I need to phone in Dave Ramsey.

Anyways, you will download the .exe of Putty and then download SuperPuTTY (do you know what TTY stands for?). Once you have the .zip downloaded, you will extract it and run SuperPuTTY. SuperPuTTY will then prompt you to point the core installation to the Putty .exe. I store mine in Google Drive so that I can automatically backup all of my sessions and maintain a single location for all things Putty.

Working with SuperPuTTY

To create a session, you can either type it in directly (see below)

Or, right click on “PuTTY Sessions” and create a new connection if you access it frequently.

If you need help understanding all of the input information required to start a PuTTY session, then you’re not ready to start with PuTTY – newb.

BUT, let me know and I’d be happy to get you up to pace. I was a newb once. Now I’m an expert.

Just kidding. I’m still a fucking newb. #humble?