Continued Conversation: Mikhaila on Burning Questions

“Sometimes you can tell that by speaking to someone that is ideologically possessed. They are not talking with their brain: they are talking through ‘what they’ve read’ or social media or ‘what their friends think’. I feel like if you talk to those people for long enough, and stay as honest as you can, you can kind of get through to what they actually think. But that’s part of the problem with twitter. It’s so reactive that you don’t know what anyone behind the tweets actually feels.”

Mikhaila Peterson

This chain of thought from Mikhaila really speaks to the utility of honesty. Behind the curtain, there is an individual, marvelous and unique. Someone worth the time. Someone worth getting to know. If we stand our ground , and be honest with ourselves and the people infront of us (online or not), we will find that we ~ can ~ come together and agree. There doesn’t have to be an illusion.

Her point about social media is also deeply profound: that we don’t ever get how anyone feels behind these platforms. I don’t think she’s saying these platforms are inherently bad, but that we should look to use them to maximize human flourishing. It isn’t enough to blindly start using Social Media and hope for the best. It’s about re-tooling your idea of the platform to fit its best use case. When you read a social media post by someone, it kind of masks the general feeling (that is usually there) from a normal conversation. In social media however: That feeling is then substituted by whatever is most convenient to think for the individual (or perhaps another case: a collectivist ideology).

She made another point earlier in the video that I find a reoccuring theme in 2020: about people fundamentally disagreeing with something, and then either letting it slide or viscerally disagreeing and avoiding discussion. I find this quote so apparent:

“If you see something that is wrong, and it makes you viscerally uncomfortably – you should talk about it”

Mikhaila Peterson

So freakin true. Talk it out. Mental health is looming in our country and we need to learn to TALK about all these things.

Her adventures with dieting is absolutely insane as well. Really puts a perspective on how we need to re-think dieting, mental health, and drugs.

Thanks for listening to this ‘first’ edition of “Continued Conversation” (Don’t worry I’m trying to find a new name). It’s my first jab at it, and I am not sure if I will keep doing it. Ultimately, I love the idea of extending conversations that are already out there to further thoughts and ideas into the public. Feel free to comment or hit me up. I’d love to hear what you have to say. Until next time~

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