Knowledge Curve

I’m going to keep this one short, like most of my posts.

The Knowledge Curve signifies the “possibility” of knowledge if someone were to have consistent and focused study throughout their life versus the typical life long learner that prefers a more sporadic approach – which is provoked by work demands or life changes. There’s no shame in learning as you go from a career perspective, but you can change your outlook on learning exponentially by having a more consistent approach to learning.

The key here is that you’re not “resetting” by allowing your brain an unnecessary break (several month’s or years). I specifically remember the first time that I obtained my CCNA. I had all of the textbook knowledge crammed in my brain, I was confident, and then I decided to stop labbing and maintaining my knowledge after passing my exam. Three years later, I have to renew my CCNA and progress onto the CCNP – but I lost a lot of the knowledge because I have not been using it in a practical manner. There’s a way to prevent this from happening to you.

Stay maintained and continue learning. It’s a life long venture; not a 5k race. Reading one topic a day for three years would have kept me on cusp of knowledge in the world of CCNA and honestly, it would have promoted me to learn CCNP before my renewal date… So now, I’m stuck renewing my CCNA again before I can even progress onto the CCNP. That’s not because of a limitation set by Cisco, but rather the inherent need to relearn all of the information that I put on the back burner three years ago…

Edit #1 – 8/25/2019 – Finished post and corrected grammatical errors.

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